Welcome to CustomSurvey v0.21!

This web-site offers you the possibility to create custom web-based surveys.

What is a web-based survey? It is a dynamic survey, displayed as a web page, offering to the final user the possibility to answer just by using a few clicks. In the same time, for you, the survey creator, the answers are also at a few clicks away. All you need to do is to create an account (so you can keep track of all your surveys), create/edit the desired surveys, publish them and send an email containing just a link to all the people you need answers from.

Why would you need such a survey? Maybe you want to gather information from your group of friends regarding a trip and you don't want to ask each and every one of them, make yourself a report of all the answers. Maybe you are a company and need statistical information from your employees regarding some different topics. Of course, if there are security needs CustomSurvey can be installed on your own web server.

With CustomSurvey v0.21 your surveys will contain:
  - unlimited numbers of surveys per account (...)
  - unlimited numbers of questions per survey (...)
  - unlimited numbers of answers per question (...)
  - up to 12 different answer types (single option, multiple options, matrix, text, numeric)
  - custom survey decorations (the list of questions can be placed in your own HTML)
  - a very easy way of creating and maintaining your surveys (try the anonymouse login to see it working)

... and of course, all this is FREE!

Please take a look at the help page to see some more details.

Contact information: customsurvey@gmail.com
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Maybe for some reasons you don't want to register. Using this section you can do everything that can be done as a register user with the only inconvenient that everybody can see/edit/remove your survey.

If this works for you, please proceed.
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April 18, 2006

CustomSurvey v0.21 is released.
In this new version a lot of new features have been added like:
   - deep survey customization by providing the text of the submit button/link, thank you message, redirect URL;
   - new answers types: matrix (single, multiple selections), numerical value, text only with regular expression check.

April 13, 2006

CustomSurvey v0.12 was tested and optimized for the following web browsers: Firefox (Mozilla 5.0), Opera 8.53 and Internet Explorer 6.0

April 06, 2006

CustomSurvey v0.12 is relesed.
This first version has mainly targeted the functionality. It uses MySQL to store all the data except the survey's content which is stored in a unique XML file for each survey. Some more web-design work needs to be done mainly in the survey presentation part. But since the user can customize and design his own survey final presentation HTML page, we consider that for the first version this part is sufficiently covered. There are new features to be added in the next version but any ideas are welcomed.

CustomSurvey v0.21 (2006)